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In your university career you will certainly run across the most common citation styles like MLA or APA format, but sometimes a course requires the unusual style called Turabian. This style was developed at the University of Chicago around 1937 by a secretary named Kate Turabian. She adapted the Chicago style to be a friendlier alternative for students, so the two of them share some similarities. But how is it used in a paper?

Here are the key features of the Turabian citations style:

  • In all cases, it uses a bibliography at the end of the essay with the full citation. The full citation is formatted as follows: Author, Title (City: Publisher, Year), Pages.
  • There are two methods of referencing your citations within the body of your essay. One is called the Author-Date Style and the other is called Notes-Bibliography style. Both styles are acceptable, as long as you consistently use one or the other throughout your essay. Just don't switch between them.
  • The Author-Date style is placed at the end of a sentence or paragraph which references the book in question and it looks like this: (Author, Date).
  • The Notes-Bibliography style must go into a footnote at the bottom of the page where the source is referenced and it the shorthand version like this: Index. Author, Title, Pages.
  • The index in this style refers to the sequential order that the citations appear in the text. The corresponding index number is places in superscript format after the place in the text where the source reference is made.

You can find more information on this method in A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations, by Kate Turabian. A quicker way to learn about this is to visit the University of Chicago Press website and search for her name.


Perhaps you do not quite have the time to look up the Turabian style and figure it out on your own. Or maybe you have to use another obscure citation format like:

  • NLM (National Library of Medicine
  • AAA (American Anthropological Association)
  • ACS (American Chemical Society)

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