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If you have a writing assignment due soon, then you will have to master the techniques of proofreading before you hand it in if you want the best grade. We have a writing team that can offer college papers for sale at affordable prices. They have been hand-selected from among all of the country’s top universities with post-graduate degrees and educational background in every field. We asked these specialists what strategy they use when proofreading their own work, and we want to share that information with you! Writing a paper successfully is an iterative process, which means you have to take multiple passes at it to improve its quality. The best writers start with an outline and craft their first draft from that. Then they proceed to their proofreading and revising steps, which always reveal several opportunities to improve the piece.


The first rule of writing is: Never turn in your first draft; always proofread it and revise it. Proofreading is essential to clear, effective communication but it is also extremely hard to do on your own work. After spending hours translating your ideas onto paper, it is common to see what you intended to say rather than what is actually on the page.

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How does one proofread their own paper? Here are a few tactics to use:

  • After you’ve finished your first draft, put it down and walk away. It helps to come back to your work with a fresh mind when proofreading, so give yourself a mental rest period.
  • Use your computer’s spell check and grammar checking functions. This may seem obvious but it is only the bare minimum. Computers will still miss many errors and shortcomings.
  • Look for one set of errors at a time. Sift through your work several times and look for only grammar mistakes the first time, then spelling mistakes, then word choice problems, then sentence structure issues, etc. Keeping yourself focused on a particular thing causes them to jump out.
  • Read the text aloud to yourself. Hearing your sentences spoken aloud often makes awkward phrasing, sentence fragments or run on sentences more obvious than looking at them on the page.
  • Ask for someone else to proofread it. A fresh set of eyes will often catch errors that evaded you.

If you are not confident in yourself to proofread your own work, then lean more heavily on the last bullet point. You can also use an online writing help service like Advanced-writers.com when you are in a bind.


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