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Conducting research is an important step in the writing process and one that comes very early. You need to have determined your topic and have at least an idea of your thesis statement to be the most effective during your time finding sources and supporting data. As you are going over various texts, articles, and websites about your subject, how do you know if one is authoritative or trustworthy? How do you compare several sources to one another to decide which are the superior ones that should make it into the paper and which should be cast aside? The first criteria are what type of publication it is from. We compile a list from the most respectable sources to the least:

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  • Academic Journal Articles
  • Textbooks
  • Scholarly Conferences
  • Mass Market Books
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Videos
  • Websites (these can vary widely in credibility, must be evaluated on a case by case basis)

There is no single answer to this problem, and certain sources like websites can be completely unreliable or completely authoritative. It takes a keen eye and a patient reader to distinguish them from one another. Let us consider some guidelines to evaluating good research sources:

  • Has the publication gone through peer review? If yes then it is as reliable as it gets. Scholarly articles and text books rank so highly because they have gone through this process. The only trouble is you have to pay attention to how old the piece is since even peer-reviewed research can become obsolete over time.
  • Is the publisher a well-respected figure in the field? If the author is a university, government agency or a veteran corporation in the particular industry, then they have credibility as sources.
  • Does the work cite other credible pieces of research that meet the criteria above? If so, that is a sign that it is reliable.

You can apply these rules of thumb to any medium, including the internet. Just check a website’s source and if you can, stick to websites that are published by the entities listed above.


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