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Our custom dissertation writers have the first-hand experience with the process involved with these highly significant assignments. We also realize how they can be very stressful or time-consuming to complete. This is why we are committed to helping our clients obtain their degree, often after many years of hard work, by offering dissertation writing help. Whether you need advice, proofreading services, a section, or the entire paper written for you, Advanced-writers.com offers the best custom dissertation writing services for all your academic goals.

Our experts all have graduate degrees in the widest variety of fields. No matter your topic, we have an experienced professional who is ready to start working on your project. We have people who specialize writing dissertations on topics ranging from Art History to Zoology, and all subjects in between.

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When writing a dissertation, we always apply the following tips:

  1. Stay focused on the hypothesis or thesis statement. It is important to provide very specific and concise information that is not too broad. Limit your scope to your topic of choice.
  2. Research as much as possible. At Advanced-writers.com, we have access to millions of peer-reviewed academic articles, and we know the importance of reading-related resources before compiling a bibliography.
  3. Avoid repetition. A common problem in these papers is that students will repeat ideas to meet a required page count. Try to make sure every sentence adds value to the overall purpose.
  4. Comply with industry standards. Make sure you know the best citation style to use, for example. Our experts understand how to apply all reference guidelines correctly, including APA, MLA, Chicago/Turabian, and Harvard.
  5. Proofread diligently. We have expert editors who specialize in catching small errors. If possible, hire a professional service to assist with proofreading, because it’s not sufficient to only use automatic Spelling & Grammar checks.


We are one of the few custom dissertation writing services that prioritize transparency in our costs. Many companies will come up with ludicrous reasons to charge for extra pages or services, but we always tell what we provide and at what cost before you make an order. We value your business and hope to retain you as a customer for many years to come.


We are devoted to providing excellent customer experience, and we always aim for 100% satisfaction. One of the ways we ensure this involves providing constant availability and communication with all of our clients. We are available 24/7 to answer any inquiries so that you can easily stay updated on the status of your order or address any concerns you might have. Furthermore, we are available to be contacted round-the-clock in a variety of methods including phone, email, and chat.

Our custom dissertation writers will work with you to make sure that your paper reflects your goals and visions. We know that this it is important for you to do well, which is why we want to provide you with the opportunity to achieve the top grades that you deserve. Don’t stress about your dissertation, order from us today and let our professionals take care of it!

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