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Our writers are experts in literary criticism and analysis. This is a common exercise in university courses, and students sometimes struggle to know how to approach such a paper. We asked our best English literary professionals to share the secrets to writing this style of the essay with you.

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Literary analysis papers are often assigned in humanities or English courses on a specific text or book. The purpose of the exercise is to dissect the components of the work and discover how they relate to each other and to the culture of the time period it was written in. Here are the top seven tips from our writers:

  • Lay out the basics of the text such as the plot, the setting, the major characters and the narration style.
  • Include a discussion of politics, history, social issues contemporary to the piece. Your thesis can be your interpretation of how the text speaks to one of these real-world issues and if the purpose of the text was to instigate a social change or at least shed light on a social problem.
  • If there is an ideology that the author is clearly communicating then explain it in depth. Include an overview of the philosophical underpinnings of the writer’s ideas.
  • Identify metaphors and similes in the text and analysis what they mean and how they convey that meaning.
  • Depend on the text itself to draw your evidence and supporting arguments. Include many quotes and paraphrases from the text in question to provide specific examples that support your thesis.
  • You can use other literary analysis of the same text as secondary sources to bolster your thesis or compare and contrast your thesis. Do not depend very heavily on these; they are only to support your main ideas and the evidence from the text, itself.
  • Familiarize yourself with literary terms and other literary criticisms to become more proficient in writing this type or paper.

Always seek help and feedback from your professor, as well, especially if you are new to writing essays in this genre. This is a specialized field, and the most straightforward way to get better at it is reading other publications in this discipline to see how the experts conduct themselves. You can also make use of our professionals at Advanced-writers.com to help you write this style of text if it seems like too much of a challenge.


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