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Our team of writing experts are the perfect resource to get custom argumentative essay writing done, so you make an impact on the largest audience. Writing persuasively takes a level of rhetorical skill that takes a lot of time to master. Our academically trained staff has years of experience crafting sharp arguments supported by solid research and citations. Whether it is a thesis document, a newspaper editorial, an online article, grant proposal or business plan you need to be able to weave convincing arguments to write persuasively. Here are some of their most effective techniques:

  1. Do the Research and Know You Topic
  2. Cite Your Sources and Provide Strong References
  3. Revise, Revise, Revise

The most critical readers will scour your paper to find even the tiniest error. The best way to keep your writing looking authoritative is to make sure there are no other distracting flaws in your paper. This is absolutely critical for keeping the reader focused on the argument being laid out, and not trying to find irrelevant excuses to avoid grappling with the thesis of the paper.

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Now that you have done your research and have a pool of evidence to draw from, how do you construct the most effective thesis statement for an argumentative paper? Any good thesis statement is composed of an independent clause communicating your central claim or opinion, followed by a dependent clause which states at a general level the cause or reason that the claim is true. Let’s see what this might look like:

  • Independent Clause: The advent of agriculture was essential to ancient civilizations like Sumer and Egypt…
  • Dependent Clause: because a dependable, storable, and systematized source of food is the only way to support such large populations at that time.

The first clause makes the claim that agriculture is essential and it’s specific enough to be defended since the examples are limited to only two cases. The second part starts with “because” and lays out the reason your claim is true by giving three characteristics (dependable, storable, systematized) that can be supported with evidence from your research in the body of your essay.


There is always a certain level of art associated with debating and arguing nuanced topics. Our writing experts have honed their abilities with years of experience practicing that art. They also have the best training and education around, with advanced university degrees and know how to put together a water-tight essay that will hold up against even the harshest criticisms. Our professionals know the tricks necessary to convince the reader that the writer understands the knowledge domain and has considered every angle. We will teach you how to cover all aspects when laying out the arguments for research essays so that even the most critical minds have to stop and consider each point carefully.

When you buy argumentative research papers from Advanced-writers.com,0 you get the best writers using these essential techniques working on your behalf.

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